Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I Lovee Rains

Assalamualaikum guys...^^
huuu it's cold out here... You know what..I LOVEEE Rains sooo much!
yupp it's raining now..hehe

There's something bout rain..
hmmmm it is propitiating..
Seeing the drops of rain makes my heart soo peaceful..
I usually lay myself on bed and facing my body towards the opened window, smiling (like an insane)..
I closed my eyes and started to build a castle in the air..
Usually 'someone' would appear in my mind..

The cold breeze brushes my cheeks, beautiful freshness.. The smooth sunlight still lighten the day..oh gosh..I don't wanna wake up from this bed of roses..

Whenever it was rain, I would keep the ceiling fan to its full blast..I didn't turn it down..
Though it was freakin' cold, I'd rather put the blanket on, or jacket, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery outside the window..woahh
I always dreamt of walking, dancing, and perhaps playing outside while it is rain..
Childish huhh? who cares..:)

muah.muah rain!

sitting with 'someone' in the middle of rain..

snail? so cute!

walking on this path...........

aaahhh!so beautiful!!

I know somebody out there has the same interest as mine..right?


Aik? Dah habis baca? Like la skli...syukran...^^

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