Saturday, 4 August 2012

Things to do when you have your menses during Fasting Month

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Heyyo girls....


You're not fasting today??

OMG! Surely you'll miss the tarawikh and of course, you'll not be able to finish your recitation of'll not able to get the reward of this month full of barakah..

Poor you...."


Sorry, it's merely a provokative intro which I put it on top of this entry to let you scroll down and read more...he~he~

Hmm..every woman may not completely finished their 30 days of fast due to their menses cycle..
They wont be able to recite Quran, perform the Solah, etc..

But Allah the Almighty has made it easy for a women in Ramadan during her menses for she is still able to get the same rewards as men.

Things women can do during menses:

1) While you cannot perform the Solah 5 times a day, you can read religious books to increase the knowledge about Islam.

2) While you're prohibited to fast, you can help to prepare meals for those who are fasting.

3) While you're prohibited to touch and to recite Quran, you can listen to the Quran's recitation and do the Dzikr night and day..

4) While people struggling to fast until the sunset, you're struggling to keep the house, the laundry and the dishes clean..

5) While the others go to the nearby mosque to perform Tarawikh, you stays at home to prepare meals for supper/sehri..

6) When the others are tired, you comfy them..

7) When they're asleep, you help to wake them up for sehri..

8) You have all day to pray (Du'a)..
The times when Dua's are most accepted during Ramadan are: 1. The third portion of the night shortly before sehri ends. 2. Whilst fasting. 3. Between Asr & Maghrib. 4. Just before fast opens. 5. On Jumma before & after khutba. 6. Between Adhan & Iqamah. 7. Whilst raining. 8. After Qur'an recitation. 9. The Night of Qadr

So, women shouldn't feel that they are not able to gain blessings and reward of this Holy Ramadhan.. There's nothing stopping a women to gain immense reward equal to that of only requires their effort, the right good intentions and of course, sincerity in every of their actions..

May Allah bestow His Forgiveness and His Blessings upon us..

Aik? Dah habis baca? Like la skli...syukran...^^


  1. hehe, dan ada juga zikir2 yang boleh diamalkan...dan juga membaca tafsir al-Quran..=) nice sharing..

    selamat menyambut ramadhan ke 19! hehe =)

    1. 'afwan...sharing is caring...:)
      trma ksh krn sudi mbca entry ni..
      Slmt bpuasa d 10 mlm akhir ramadhan..


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